Rebates for Energy Efficient Business Appliances

Sunny Green Solutions is an approved Accredited Certificate Provider (Accreditation Number: GHGR02083A) under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

The accreditation supports businesses to make long term decisions that evaluate the whole of life cost to own and operate 'business appliances' (Chillers, Motors, Close Control Air Conditioners, Refrigerated Display Cabinets, and Air Conditioners).

Businesses that purchase an energy efficient 'business appliance' may be eligible to receive a rebate payment after installation. The rebate effectively lowers the purchase price of the business appliance. The rebate payment is a benefit that is additional to the lower electricity cost of running the energy efficient 'business appliance'.

How Does it Work?

The accreditation allows Sunny Green Solutions to convert energy savings from the installation new energy efficient Business Appliances into megawatt hours of 'saved' energy, and to sell those saved megawatt hours of electricity, which are called NSW Energy Saving Certificates. The proceeds from the sale are used to provide rebates for the purchasers of business appliances.

Calculations estimate how much energy is saved by operating the efficient appliance over the appliances' expected operational life (compared to average appliances). The calculation is based on estimated: operating hours, life in years that the equipment is expected to last, and the average energy consumption for appliances with the came capacity and function.

Appliances must be installed in New South Wales (NSW).

The Purchaser

The definition of the "Purchaser" (from the "rule") is:

The purchaser is entitled to the rebate.